About Us

The Lahore Tax Bar Association aims To be the effective voice of tax professionals and taxpayers, we have many Advocates, Professional Accountants, and Tax consultants in its fold. It has a long tradition of organizing Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences on taxation measures and fiscal policies.

In the last fifty years, Bar has established, promoted and maintained high standard of honesty, efficiency and integrity in the conduct of professional duties so as to enhance the status, dignity, prestige and honor of the profession. The Association is regularly printing and publishing News & Views, papers, Periodicals and Books for promotion of professional education amongst the members of the Bar in particular and citizens of the country in general.

Bar has played a very positive and vital role in formulating, suggesting and assisting the Government of Pakistan measures for creation of tax culture in Pakistan and to build the economy of the country. It is also affiliated with many National and International Associations / Organizations and establishing training academy in the near future. Bar is also encouraging its members for higher education and establishing awards, medals, and scholarships for those members with exemplary academic records.

Our Mission

To strengthen and promote quality professional tax practice and assist tax professionals in enhancing their knowledge and abilities, so as to be of service to the citizens by ensuring availability of due process of law, levy of fair tax and dispensation of justice.

Our Vision

To be the effective voice of tax professionals and taxpayers.