Vice President Message

Venerated Members of the Lahore Tax Bar Association,

it is great privilege for me to be the vice-president of the esteemed association. As we are on the same platform, I am highly dedicated to systematize the prosperity and well_being of our every admired member. Alhumdulialh: among the occupied thoroughfares and vigorous enterprises of Lahore, our association holds a beacon of solidarity, decency and righteousness. Together we titlist the principles of justice and equity and guarantee that every tax payer is guided with wisdom and salaciousness. Being the vice-president, I am feeling great honour to derive such a privileged cohort of professionals. The determined pursuit of superbness, your undeviating commitment and desire for knowledge encourage me fully. in the spirit of oneness and brotherhood, I urgent each of you to lend your voices, talents and constant support to our unique endeavour. I pay home age to you for your Untiring dedication and steady commitment. Together, we shall go on rediating the path towards a luminous and unprejudiced future for everyone.

Oneeb Akhtar Ansari (L.L.M)
Advocate High Court
Vice President LTBA (Session 2024-25)